Logo Design

Logos are a key element in all successful businesses. Logos function as visual symbols that offer quick stories specifically about what companies do, what services they offer, and the kind of energy they project to customers.

Handwriting analysts understand that logos reveal a great deal about the personality of companies, and they are analyzed like pieces of handwriting.

Logos elicit emotional responses by being either graphotherapeutic or graphotoxic. Graphotherapeutic logos grab the attention of viewers, drawing them in for closer inspection. There is something healthy and interesting about these logos. On the other hand, graphotoxic logos push viewers away with repulsive, negative, unsettling images. These logos make the viewer feel less confident in the product or service.

When handwriting analysts partner with graphic designers in logo design, it significantly increases the likelihood that logos will accurately represent the personality of the company. The handwriting analyst will advise the graphic artist on how to include handwriting-like traits in the logo.

Pennie Morehead’s approach is to gain understanding of what the company intends to convey through their logo, and then she works closely with the graphic artist to create a logo that stimulates graphotherapeutic reactions.