About Pennie Morehead

Pennie Morehead has combined over 25 years of medical/dental practice management with special training in graphology to form her unique consulting and speaking business called “The Write Connection”.

Pennie has authored numerous magazine articles and has her first book published - Green River Serial Killer - Biography of an Unsuspecting Wife.

She has appeared on national television, including Good Morning America, Canada AM, Geraldo, Montel Williams as well as international documentaries, local television, news, and radio programs.


“Please accept my highest compliments for a job well done. We had a high level manager receiving extremely offensive and upsetting letters at his home. Your expert analysis of the letters provided a foundation for us to narrow the source to a few suspects and implement a counter strategy. It worked well, the letters stopped, and the manager’s performance returned to its previous high level. We couldn’t have done it without you.”

Raymond J Lepp, Senior Vice President
Canadian Operations, CoSteel
Toronto, Ontario, CA

“Pennie is amazing! She is absolutely spot-on when analyzing handwriting. I have used her services in many different capacities over the past couple of years. She has served as a keynote speaker, facilitated workshops, analyzed handwriting for hiring purposes, and has done individual career counseling using handwriting analysis as a tool. In every aspect, Pennie has delivered excellent results. It is fascinating to watch audiences become so engaged and interested in how to look at handwriting analysis in a whole new way. With all of the personality tests and assessments available to the business world today, none compares to the deep dive that Pennie can provide. Highly recommended!”

McAulay Haney
Divisional Vice President
Western Division Nationwide