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Pennie Morehead offers one of the most unique consulting services available in the United States. With over 25 years of experience working in the human resource and hiring arena, she adds another ingredient—graphology (handwriting analysis)—to stand out as an extraordinary hiring consultant.

“Handwriting analysis is not 100% accurate like DNA or fingerprint identification. However, it does get you inside the ballpark in terms of understanding your candidate’s true personality,” advises Pennie. “Having a personality profile based on your candidate’s own handwriting vs. psychometric surveys wherein he/she may try to manipulate the results by answering questions in a misleading manner, is a way to peek behind the curtain and see the real person. Handwriting cannot be faked. It will reliably offer clues about the writer’s authentic energy as seen on paper.

Pennie shares, “Employers, hiring managers, and recruiters have said that having me analyze the handwriting of their job applicants has helped them to dodge a few bullets and hire some terrific people.”


For employers of large and small businesses, the investment to have handwriting analysis performed pays for itself by:

Pennie Morehead advises clients in the areas of:

Most people are not aware that handwriting analysis is a highly effective human resource tool, and that professionals are engaged in the practice behind closed doors.


What does handwriting analysis actually reveal?

Handwriting does not discriminate: