Career Transistion Coaching

When employees are under-performing in their jobs, supervisors get nervous! Warnings are given and deadlines for measured improvement are documented. Progressive steps toward termination unfortunately begin. Both employee and employer are uncomfortable—both understanding the end result will likely be unpleasant.

Typically the under-performing employee is not a bad employee, but one who is bored and under-stimulated because their personality is a mismatch for the position. For example, one might be working in an accounting job, analyzing numbers in a lonely cubicle, but the handwriting reveals the individual has a strong need to interact with people. His or her energy system is actually charged up by working with people, exchanging thoughts and emotions.

Hiring a handwriting analyst to evaluate the under-performing employee is a win-win! After a report is written about the employee’s true abilities, aptitudes, learning style, communication style, mental processing, work style, etc., the employee can successfully be transitioned in to an exciting position that is a positive match.